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The city of Basel has a very special charm during the winter holiday period. This is primarily due to a combination of its situation on the Rhine together with its many enchanting gates and squares. Picturesque Christmas markets can be found on Barfüsserplatz, Claraplatz and Münsterplatz, in the centre of the city and throughout the heart of the decorated Old Town. 

During this run-up to Christmas, shops are allowed to open the four Sundays before the 25th of December until 20:30. Many exciting events and impressive special exhibitions in the city's museums further enrich its cultural scene. 

Kisob Kreations, in its own way added to this by organising a Winter Mini Market where traders, artisans with handmade wares can come and offer their goods as a viable alternative in the quaint, rustic courtyard at Splaentorweg 4. Anyone still looking for that one-of-a-kind special gift could come and find solace in having achieved his or her goal – there will be something for every age. 

My atelier, Kisob Kreations, is unique in Basel with a rustic, intimate and personal atmosphere, which is my preferred way to interact with people. 


During the winter mini market, not only was the showroom for my online shop, tribaltraces.com (formally afrodizzy.ch) open to offer its particular line of products - accessories and furniture, but also pop-up spaces were occupied and stalls were set up in the beautiful private courtyard, and offered handcrafted/homemade goods in the main from vendors from or around the Basel area and beyond. Tribal Traces offered products that were new but they are also sometimes recycled, up cycled, re-upholstered vintage and antique.